19 August 2015

The Fiery Bandit

210 Fire Street

31 December 9999

Dear King Ice-Bandit,

Thought you might like to know about my mission! It all started when I arrived in Dreamworld. The waves crashed against the rocks. The water foamed as it reached the sandy shore. I hurtled through the waves to protect myself from the icy spray. Then, something weird happened. The waves began to swirl furiously around me. The water rose higher and higher until it had created a water spout that swallowed the sun. While I was watching all of this, I was sucked into the vortext. I grabbed hold of the sun and spun violently arouñd for a terrifying ride. I tried to escape but my tail was caught in the core of the vortex. I pulled with all my might and the only part of me left in the raging water were a few white feathers. I threw the sun back into the sky and finally the water stopped spinning, and started to lap calmly against the rocks. Then I decided to fly back home to Fire Street. I'll be visiting you soon to show you the video of my adventure.

The Fiery Bandit

12 August 2015


Thunder roared across the dark sky. Huge piles of clouds covered the stars. Lightning zipped above the city. The wind howled like a wolf as thunder boomed.

I dodged the trees that tumbled down the hillside. I searched for shelter but everywhere I looked there were only grass, trees and rocks. Leaves swirled furiously around me as I noticed, out of the corner of my eye, a cave, just big enough for me to shelter from the soaking rain.

The next morning the sky began to clear. I carefully crawled out of the bat-invested cave and trudged back to the remains of my tent. Piles of clouds covered the sky as the sun attempted to peek through.

By Bob

6 August 2015

Introducing: George

Hi, my name is George.

I like playing with Peppa Pig.

I like watching How It's Made.

I like dancing to Reach Up High.

I like learning about marble runs.

I like making origami.

I like eating fries and chicken.

5 August 2015

Sewerage System Report

When you flush the toilet, the poos and wees go into sewer pipes that are underground.

Then they travel to the filters which trap things that are not poos and wees, such as bottles and Lego.

The poos and wees then are stored in a tank. The heavy feces drop to the bottom of the tank.

Then the sludge is squeezed and the water is pumped out. The water is then cleaned by adding chlorine before it goes back into the sea.

The sludge is put into a pond where the sun's UV rays kill the bad germs. It is also heated up and the bacteria's farts are collected to make electricity for the sewerage system,

The treated sludge is then pumped into trucks to be used as compost in gardens.

Professor Nosy Part 2

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Dear Bob Down,

Thank you for your letter. I am really starting to care about wildlife because I've just noticed that animals such as rhinos could be in danger from too many people killing them. So! Can you help me take over the world? You'll need to bring binoculars to spy on dangerous people. You'll also need to bring two walkie-talkies so we can speak to each other when we are in danger or lost. A handheld GPS would be helpful so that we know where endangered animals are. I'm really excited that you are going to be helping me take over the world. I am now starting to make your invisibility potion. It should be ready by Saturday. I will drop it off to you in the morning at 10 o'clock. When we see each other, we will discuss how to take over the world. See you on Saturday.

Professor Nosy

Professor Nosy Part 1

Hi Professor Nosy,

My name is Bob Down. I have some questions to ask you. Please can you make me an invisibility potion so that I can give presents to children without them noticing me. I am a secret agent who loves surprises and cares about wildlife. Do you care about wildlife? If you are taking over the world, how will you take care of the wildlife? If you say yes, you do care about wildlife, I will help you take over the world. If your answer is no, I cannot help you take over the world. Please write back to me.

Bob Down

Read the next post to see Professor Nosy's reply.

22 July 2015

Bob's Poem & Newspaper Report

Bob and I had great fun today using Scholastic's Story Starters Scrambler.

Write a newspaper report about a polka-dotted octopus who likes to play golf. 

 Write a funny poem about a cranky grape who had to go on a rickety bridge. 

Fabulous writing Bob!