22 July 2015

Bob's Poem & Newspaper Report

Bob and I had great fun today using Scholastic's Story Starters Scrambler.

Write a newspaper report about a polka-dotted octopus who likes to play golf. 

 Write a funny poem about a cranky grape who had to go on a rickety bridge. 

Fabulous writing Bob!

20 July 2015

The Buggy by Smiley

On the 13th of June, Smiley wrote this story. Smiley is four and half. Fantastic job listening to the sounds in the words and writing the letters down, Smiley!

Ninja Squishy Balls

After watching How to Make Ninja Squishy Balls, Bob wrote his own instructions to share with interested people and then, it was time for the exciting part! We followed his instructions and made some awesome squishy ninja balls! Once we stopped having fun with flour and balloons, Bob reviewed the video and posted it in the comments.

Bob's instructions to come soon!

I learnt how to blow up a balloon and the ninja balls were TERRIFIC!!!!! They were easy to make except for stretching the balloons like a swimming cap. The messiest part was pouring the flour into the funnel because I missed the funnel. I made two of them and I might use them for target practice and juggling. I think adults and children would be excited to make these. Beware - if you get flour on your balloon and then blow it up, it will taste disgusting!